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The Medical Establishment Doesn't Want You To Know About This!! (By Adriane Tucker)

1,202 Views· 10 Jan 2018

Did you know hydrogen peroxide is a cure all??
Whiten your teeth, wash you wounds and kill cancer cells, all in one bottle...


I get my food grade Hydrogen Peroxide from PureHealthDiscounts.com

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The mixing ratio for 35% hydrogen peroxide is 1:11. 1oz H2O2 to 11oz of distilled or reverse osmosis water. Get some clean containers to make it easy for you to use throughout your day.

Oxygen is the foundation to ANY supplemental regimen to obtain and maintain health. It is the basis of ASEA to Wellness Protocol. ASEA redox signaling molecules is the next step... plant derived trace minerals... with organic moringa superfood rounding it off!

Now the legal stuff: ASEA is not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease. ASEA simply allows your body to heal itself like it did when you were young.

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Get your 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide here:

More information about ASEA here:

Plant derived trace minerals from Amazon here:

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NeobetaAlpha1 4 years ago

Straight up beautiful sister on this video, that in itself is proof she speaks the truth, shes beautiful so I will certainly trust what she says because she is her own advertisement with her natural beauty. B1.

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ErectPen 4 years ago

Good stuff!!! Sub'd!

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JohnDough 4 years ago

Love you for this sister. I've just started my quest to get off the meat farm, switching to a more organic plant based life. So anything natural and good for my body I'll welcome.

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