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what does a zombie house look like-how much are repairs

11 Views 19 Jan 2022
Wise Phenomenal

Today I want to take you inside a Zombie house to make sure you understand the condition of the properties you'll be making offers on. These houses are in disrepair which is the reason we buy them at a discount. You'll be shocked at the way some people live so we have to learn to be empathetic when we visit these houses. This house needs a complete GUT JOB. People are living in here with no floors and the bathroom is barely usable. Merry Christmas, use the coupon code "JOY" for 50% off all my training at https://www.therealestateroundup.com/

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00:00- Intro
2:15 - Let's look at the exterior of the house
4:12 - The kitchen looks like it can't be used
5:32 - We'll have to address the oil tank in the ground
7:13 - The bathroom has tape on the walls to stop the water
9:10 - Let's hear what my daughters think of that house

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Wise Phenomenal
Wise Phenomenal 4 months ago

Someone was actually living in this home while it was like this!! Jesus ~ *)

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