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Africa for Africans? I thought Africans excluded Yiites?

9 Views· 12 Nov 2021
Hard Cold Alquan

These pan-Africans prove just how phony they are, how HOSTILE they stay and how much they keep lying! They tell you that Africans are supposed to be certain peoples who are similar, yet some of them seem to DISMISS North African blacks and act as if they don't exist. These people HAVE to be frauds for their own pan-Africanism!

Then, they claim that so-called arabs in the North are Africans and deserve your tourist dollars over our going to Italy! So which is it - are 'arabs' the enemies of Africa or are they Africans? If they are Africans, then stop talking about islam and 'arab' domination.

I ask the man if he will go to North Africa just to show indigenous black North Africans, and ALL of these so-called pan-Africans seem to get offended over the suggestion of blacks in North Africa or taking it back for Africa.

After listening to this - who sounds more like a pan-African - the African crazy person, or the one who says 'LATER FOR AFRICA?"

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#GoBlack2Africa #Egypt #Italy #Tourism #VisitAfrica #Ethiopia

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