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6 Reasons Why SOUTH SUDANESE Women are the Most Beautiful Women in Africa.

13 Views· 16 Jun 2022

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Why Are South Sudanese Women Unique?
Hi guys, welcome back to my channel. In this video, we look at South Sudanese women. There is something definitely special about these women from the Nile. South Sudan is home to many world black African supermodels, including supermodel Alek Wek, the world's most expensive model, Anok Yai, 2018 Model of the Year Adut Aketch, and many more. In this video, we look at what makes these Nilotic queens unique. Don't forget to like this video and also subscribe to Afroartista Films.
Number 1. Unique height.
On average, South Sudanese women are almost 6 feet tall. They are the tallest women in the world. This explains their heavy presence in the modeling world, where an overwhelming majority of black models are of South Sudanese origin. As we speak, Adut Aketch, a South Sudanese model, is the most beautiful supermodel in the world. Their unique height makes them graceful and regal.
Number 2 . Unique Facial Features.
South Sudanese women have beautiful facial features, which include beautiful soft full lips, high cheekbones, well-defined jawlines, beautiful milky white teeth, and bright sparkling eyes. They are just so nice to look at. I think when God was creating these ladies, he took extra time. They represent the ideal Black Beauty coveted in Hollywood.
Number 3. Beautiful Melanin-loaded Skin.
South Sudanese women have one of the most beautiful complexions in the world. It is so beautifully dark and smooth. One thing about this type of skin is that it does not age. They are blessed with lots of melanin, and this is one of the biggest things that make them unique. In a world that is obsessed with fair skin, South Sudanese women are a breath of fresh air. Their skin literally glows in the sun. It doesn't need lots of cosmetics because it is naturally moisturized and smooth.
Number 4. Well Defined Curves.
South Sudanese women may be tall, but that does not mean they are not curvy. If anything, their height serves to accentuate their beautiful sensual curves. This grace and the sensuality is very prominent when they dance. The appeal that these ladies exude physically is one of the reasons why they are highly coveted in the fashion and modeling world.
Number 5. High Worth.
Before you marry a South Sudanese woman, make sure that you have deep pockets because they don't come easily. Last year, a South Sudanese wedding was reported as the most expensive on the BBC, CNN, and Aljazeera after 7-foot tall Nyalong was married with 500 cows, 10 V8s, and $10,000. In fact, the taller the girl, the higher the bride price. This special treatment goes beyond the wedding day. In some Southern Sudanese communities, after the wedding, a South Sudanese woman is not even allowed to tire herself with menial household chores, at least for the first few years. They are treated like royalty.

Number 6. Golden Personality.
The ladies' value is in her character. South Sudanese women are very good at maintaining their dignity, and will not allow any wayward man to take advantage of them. If she commits to you, be sure that you are going to marry her. This is because their attraction to you is not superficial, but genuine. This makes South Sudanese women ideal marriage partners. They are loving and affectionate and will make you feel like a king if you manage to make one your own. The commitment is real.
. Truly South Sudanese women are a rare breed and are one of the reasons why I am a proud African. As I end, if you are from South Sudan, what else makes South Sudanese ladies special? Comment below and thanks for watching to the end.

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