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Jim Cr0w J0e to pay Mexican ILLEGALS $450K a PERSON in REPARATIONS for border - Vicki Dillard

20 Views· 29 Oct 2021
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Dangerous Television
Dangerous Television 9 months ago

Joe Biden: And I don't care if Black people get mad...fuck em!!!

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TheMessiahsOurSavior 9 months ago

This is insane! Can't believe this. But blacks are too busy with petty infighting and going on expeditions to rename themselves. Tearing down the basis for all the legal gains already achieved. Blacks been forever falling for that trick of hitching themselves to everything and everyone else who than reap the benefits of their efforts.

This supernatural stuff that's not from the true God can end up causing more demonic control. Anything not in scripture itself, you don't know what type of entity it came from, you are not supposed to add anything to the scripture according to scripture itself.

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