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time to change the rules black people

19 Views· 23 Jan 2022

⁣if this is not enough to convince even the staunchest ally of the white man , that the intention was and is to destroy black people , what else will it take. this was done to make black people forever under these white savages of the west and europes hand. it's time for black people in every black african nation to order immediate reforms on international trade , that writes africans out . with all the farmers and such in africa there is no reason there is starvation. if your leadership wont do it for fear or love of the white man , its time for them to be removed with special elections immediately , or the youth of africa will spend another 400 yrs at the mercy of savages that want you exterminated . spread this throughout the black community world wide where you see mass starvation and suffering, that isn't due to natural causes. this goes doubly for those religious bs artist using food and prosperity against you. this boycott which i feel does nothing , but it should be worldwide against all countries that do business with african nations, but refuse to use african products or its peoples . it should be done immediately. but remember this .WHATEVER THE WHITE MAN SAYS IS BAD FROM OR FOR BLACK PEOPLE IS A LIE. AND WHATEVER THE WHITE MAN TELLS YOU IS GOODFOR BLACK PEOPLE IS A LIE ALSO

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