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Jane Elliot Exposed!!!

143 Views· 15 Aug 2019
Everybody Hates Angel

"We're all one race, the human race" .... *Sighs* What can I say......
Meet Jane Elliot, the "creator" of the "How Racist Are You? - Jane Blue Eyes/Brown Eyes Exercise"

Black men & Black women we must start supporting Black activists like Dr Llaila Afrika who can relate to our struggle and speak from experience.

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BlackBeauty 2 years ago

I have never liked Jane Elliott. We are NOT THE SAME!! I don’t have struggle genes. They say they don’t see color so they don’t have acknowledge your struggle or acknowledge how savage they are and how they’ve treated our people for centuries. I don’t trust none of them, especially the ‘blind’ ones.

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Ann T Lope
Ann T Lope 2 years ago

She thinks she's saying something right because everyone has itchy ears. She's just regurgitating the same lies that all of our black church pastors say over and over again.

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