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keep voting along party and color lines , and we'll never get shit

30 Views· 24 Jun 2022
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⁣keep voting along party or color lines black folk and we'll never get shit. just as a lot of you , i also am guilty of voting along the aforementioned, and i have come to the conclusion that we have been duped . we hve had a significant amount of black representatives since the earl 70's in all or mot states where the black people are in igificant numbers, and what have we gotten to show for it . , not a gotdamned thing, yet the hispanic and asian communities have far less representation but have made leaps and bounds in the monies and legislation to benefit their communities, and are succeeding and moving ahead while we still linger in crime , and poverty waiting on reparations that every negro politician brings up when running for office, knowing damned well it aint happening.as i said if we want change we have to remove these grey haired yassuh boss politicians that you see only when disaster strikes or election time.hard facts people

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Above All That Drama
Above All That Drama 2 months ago

WTF they are turning the city over to these criminals now??? SMH

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