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(2) The US vets who Volunteered For Rhodesia - Free Documentary - 1/12/17

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Reseach Tools used: Easybib, Noodle Tools.
Short Student film about the US Vietnam veterans in the Rhodesian bush war, who also had the name "the crippled eagles."
Author: Aidan Torma
Teacher: Mr Buckley
For educational use only - nonprofit film.
Editing Software: iMovie

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Music and Audio:
Audio software: Imovie, Quicktime player, Online Converter V 3.1.
Audio Equipment: RHODE microphone, Blue Yeti Microphone, Macbook air 2012 audio.
Clem Tholet 1973 - Rhodesians Never Die
Creedence Clearwater 1969 - Fortunate Son
John Edmund 1966 - I wish I was a blue Job

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