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"Where Are All The Good Black Men?"

114 Views· 12 Aug 2019
Everybody Hates Angel

Brother New Possibilities and myself discuss the narrative that some Black women believe that there are no good Black men. We also give our input, insight, share our experiences and give advice on what we believe sisters need to do to find a good Black man, avoid ain't shit men and much more. I hope this helps. Black Love is not dead. We believe in Black Love!
Also check out Angel Ramirez-Jordan & New Possibilities discussing colorism & Black identity: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=twZ60n6_06A

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Tress 2 years ago

Just learned of this book. If he's considered a simp b/c of this... i'll be ok with that :
Love Your Naked Self

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Summer 2 years ago

Hey Angel, came from youtube to support you and black junction tv

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wuwuu 2 years ago

#stopandfriskkkwhiteppl..... I'm here

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Breanna Glover
Breanna Glover 2 years ago

There are definitely good black men out there. Im with one, was raised by one and know many

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Ann T Lope
Ann T Lope 2 years ago

I just want one that's not misogynist, doesn't beat up on women or girls, and one that doesn't eat pork. That's all lol. Oh, and he can't be a coon or a lover of white extremism.

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Tress 2 years ago

sounds like a good black man to me.

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