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which one u gonna be when they come rnr syg sos or doing sos

06 Jun 2021

⁣which one r u gonna be when they come RNR, SYG, SOS , or become the SOS. you choose
RNR = run nigga run
SYG= stand your ground
SOS= shoot on site
or become sos = shot on site
you choose .

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commonman80 6 months ago

That's Why I Live By.. If I Don't Go Home? They Don't Go Home Either.. Unless They Get The Drop On Me.. But If They Shoot Me For No Reason And I Live? I'm Coming Back.. That'll Be My Last Day On Earth.. But I Guarantee I Take One Or More Of Them With Me.. We Can Fight The Rest Of It Out In Heaven Or Hell.. Makes No Difference To Me.. Jus Sayin.. Yep...

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