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Black History From the Bible :Color and The Curses - Lesson 1 Part 1

725 Views· 20 Oct 2017
Black Junction TV

When it comes to Black History, the story usually begins from the slave ship, leaving you to wonder what happened before slavery as well as what caused it. This lesson is the first in a series designed to explore and explain the part of the history of the dark-skinned races that is not now nor has ever been taught in churches or in schools. www.FountainofIsrael.com

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2 years ago

That is a parable - not a story describing actual events in the future. No matter how similar the story is to black people today, it still was meant to teach a lesson in that era. This "color/curses" issue is about excusing white atrocities. That was the red flag. What better way to justify genocide than convincing black people and the world we're cursed. Most of us ain't buying it. If you want to be cursed, do you? Black people aren't.

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4 years ago

Fun Fact: 'Japheth' does not mean fair/light skinned; It means 'expansive. The literal meaning is 'He Opens'. Ja(Ya)the means 'he', in Hebrew. PaThaAkHa means 'open', also in Hebrew.

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