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OJ Is A Old A$$ Coon

1,315 Views· 18 Mar 2018

Self -Hate

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ThinkTank 4 years ago

Real talk! B1

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RoseofBrooklyn 4 years ago

OJ is an idiot, always has been. He's trying to get white folks to like him again. Just wait... he's going to find him another Becky and then white folks will go for his ass again. He'll never learn.

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kats938 4 years ago

Some people just won't learn. They set him up twice and OJ 's allegiance is still to the people who hate him most. smh

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abasi 4 years ago

Oj is in the sunken place

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GeminiSpeaker 4 years ago

O.J. is living in borrow times.

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