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Wise Phenomenal
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0:00 - Introduction
2:33 - Back story
3:41 - demographic of your school
4:48 - in school were you academic or an athlete
5:43 - OTR Ad
8:11 - Path to the NFL
9:44 - talk about college - Transition
12:35 - was it always your dream to play in NFL
14:12- how did NFL impact you financially
16:04 - what was your landscape at the league - were there other entrepreneurial guys at the league
18:34 - what was your first major investment
22:42 - the company looked after by parents and Russell focus on football
27:08- this is a brokerage and no assets
29:58 - why did john ask you to buy new equipment, why was it so important and what are the other things he guided you to be successful in this industry
32:28 - how was john on your phone
33:10 - what was happening between February and august
35:34 - what was your first major investment to get the business started
37:37 - Talk about the process
39:00 - is there a minimum you have to purchase
40:47 - how much was your first order
41:09 - tell me about the specs of the truck, the type of the truck which you need
42:42 - how much does the back end truck cost
44:14 - what do you have to do in terms of compliance
45:33 - are they any cost with the health department
46:38 - what is the first job you do
55:09 - The bigger picture
56:51 - what does a day in a life look like -for people to understand how your business works
58:50 - How many fit on a truck at one time (restrooms)
1:01:33 - so the main operation is servicing the restroom, so what happens when a restroom gets delivered
1:02:55 - what are some of the other places where you drop these restrooms, so people get an idea where they use these restrooms
1:05:28 - how does it work pricing wise
1:09:57 - Talk about servicing restrooms -how does it seem
1:14:04 - what can go wrong in this business
1:15:39 -tell me about some of the products you expanded into
1:18:39 - where do you get the water from
1:20:44 - moving waste to people
1:22:53 - Restrooms are bread and butter - highest margin is the portable restrooms
1:25:12 - How did sports apply in entrepreneurship
1:31:24 - how do you work with family since its a family business
1:38:22 - you have been offered a few times for acquisition - do you have the number
1:40:14 - what makes you so transparent with information
1:44:41 - final thoughts and where to connect

Waste Management is a booming 200B dollar industry that is ripe for new innovations and market disruption.

Following a Successful 7 year NFL career, Russell Shepeard and his new team ShepBoys Waste Management are among those leading the pack.

Today, Russell’s company is responsible for transporting over 10,000 gallons of waste weekly while supplying and servicing over 400 portable Restrooms across Houston, TX. The company is the fastest-growing waste management company in Houston, offering waste management solution’s, and a suite of other related services.

Russell has always loved entrepreneurship which was right up there with his love for sports. His mindset was always different from a lot of his peers, even in his college days. Although he was an athlete, he was always looking for ways to level up financially and create alternate revenue streams. After getting Into the league Russell started his journey in transportation his own dump truck company. Still focused on football he could not be as hands-on with the business as he wanted, so his father played a major role in the daily operations to keep it running. Meanwhile, Russell’s mind would still entertain ideas for other streams of income. One day he ended up having an impromptu conversation with an associate that would change his life. This conversation would lead him to find waste Management. Still playing In the NFL Russell began brainstorming Innovative ways to get into the industry. He would start his company in 2020 and find what Russell affectionately calls “liquid gold”.

Russell would turn away from a potential huge NFL contract and would retire to go full time and grow ShepBoys. The proof of concept was enough for Russell to go all in because the company saw instant results.

To date, the company has done so well they’ve been approached 3 times in their short existence to be acquired. Russell however, continues to play the long game, building a family legacy at ShepBoys by expanding their products, services and territory.

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