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Provocateurs of the Western Gender War in the Goldensphere

3 Views· 13 Nov 2021
Black Mind

October 10, 2021.
Since uploading this, I came across doubts that one of them, Just Bebes, is at war with men. I said I would call out the gender warrior misandrists lurking in the grass of the goldenpshere before they could drag a gender war into it. Understand, having standards doesn't constitute a gender war, but the least bit of militancy against men that one would not tolerate against herself does constitute war-like attitude. An attitude of taking without giving consititutes such. Nothing I said is to justify men being irresponsible, but to look out for the interests of responsible men AND THE WOMEN WHO AREN'T AGAINST US. I know this is long, but to fully understand from where I'm coming, you must hear me out. I will erase any comments suggesting to me that the commentator didn't hear the whle thing out. I will leave up any comments that agree or disagree, as long as they don't show that one didn't half-listen and then comment. #FromTheBottomOfMyBlackHeart and #FromTheDepthsOfMyBlackMind. #GenderWar. #Goldenshpere. All tracks are from Lion Riddims, Highsound Riddims, Free Reggae Riddims, Soulfyah Productions, and Scarecrow Beats dot com, and are free for non-profit use or purchased and allowed for non-profit use with the purchase.

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