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Coin Review - SUTER - **$150 of Crypto to be won!**

2 Views· 06 Oct 2021

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Defi has grown in popularity, as its promise transparency and scalability is increasingly resonating with investors and developers. We are seeing a boom in the number of DEXes and dApps that are being developed - many of which are competing with each other and each with a unique selling point that promises will change and improve our financial systems. Despite this boom, there continues to be issues around privacy, which is due to the transparency of blockchains, which in essence, allows transactions to be traced back to the original user with relative ease.

This issue of privacy is one that developers are increasingly picking up on, as they look to solve the issue with privacy protocols that can effectively protect user information across blockchain networks. This is where Suterusu comes into the picture.

Enjoy the video!

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