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Black on Black Crime Part 2

5 Views· 15 Dec 2021
Above All That Drama

Black On Black Crime Part 1 https://youtu.be/1EarCH20MMw

“What about Black-on-Black crime?” is a phrase commonly heard in times like these. White people love to say it. Especially, when another Black person is killed unjustly by the police, and Black people get understandably angry. Then without fail, white people will say “but, what about Black-on-Black crime?”

”Black-on-Black crime” is a frame that presupposes Black criminality-that there’s something inherent to Blackness that makes intra-group crime more prevalent and more deadly. But that’s nonsense, and all it does is obscure the history that brought us to this point.”

Black people don’t face some sort of genetic predisposition to crime. But that’s what the mythology of Black-on-Black crime perpetuates. It’s not like we’re going out into the streets and shooting each other willy nilly. But think about this: most Black people live in areas that often have a higher population of Black people. Most of the time, perpetrators are committing crimes where they already are. So if Black people are committing crimes in their own neighborhoods and areas that are mostly Black, of course, the victims are going to be Black. You know for damn sure that Black people aren’t often running through white neighborhoods on crime sprees, considering we can’t even walk through those neighborhoods eating skittles or jogging without getting shot dead.

If people who invoke the phrase “Black-on-Black crime” in response to the BLM movement paid any attention to Black people and their communities, they’d know Black people care about that too — and talk about it, a lot. There are countless grassroots groups, programs, rallies, marches, and even music contributions powered by Black people to address this violence.




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