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Lawyer Helps To Free Wrongfully Imprisoned Person & Starts A Trucking Company With Them! (TBT)#7

6 Views· 19 Apr 2022
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Time Stamp
0:00 - start
0:20- Guest introduction
1:37 - talk about the transition from corporate law
19:19 - Don't worry about the challenges but imagine the possibilities
26:00- What are you proving to get them out of the prison
27:50- How are you received by your peers in the legal community
41:40- What are some other struggles you have had in trucking so far
47:44 - How is he adjusting to the transition - Talks about survivorship
49:31 - What is your take on it - talks about execution
50:40 - what is your perspective
1:00:50 - Talk about a knock at midnight - book
1:04:40 - final thoughts

In this episode#75 , we talked to Brittany K. Barnett about her Pro Bono legal work helping to free wrongfully incarcerated individuals and starting a trucking company with one of them.

Special thanks to Brittany K. Barnett


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