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Wise Phenomenal
Wise Phenomenal
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The Negro middle class, torn between white goals and black needs, are examined by two Negro producers in a 90-minute NET Journal documentary __ at __ on Channel __. Produced by William Greaves and William Branch, "Still a Brother: Inside the Negro Middle Class" enlists the narrating talents of outstanding Negro actor Ossie Davis.

The conflicts posed for the Negro middle class are articulated by such spokesmen as John H. Johnson, president of Johnson Publishing Co.; Robert Johnson, editor of Jet magazine; St. Clair Drake, Roosevelt University sociology department and author of "Black Metropolis"; Ralph Featherstone of SNCC; Julian Bond, Georgia legislator; Bayard Rustin, director of the A. Philip Randolph Institute; Dr. Percy Julian, Chicago millionaire; and Dr. Nathan Wright, organizer of last summer's Newark Black Power Conference. The program offers a comprehensive view of daily and social life in the Negro middle class: its homes, jobs, vacation spots, beauty contests, and cotillions. It then delves into the Negro's "mental revolution," which is Africa-oriented and increasingly sympathetic with the militant solutions of ghetto leaders.

The program notes several facets of the "mental revolution" - from hair styles to art collections, and from the "black is beautiful" campaign to a new kind of religion opposed to the "white nationalist" drift of historical Christianity.

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Dangerous Television
Dangerous Television 8 months ago

Negro escapism didn't last too long did it....lol.

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Wise Phenomenal
Wise Phenomenal 8 months ago

I'm not gonna front, I'm just happy to see footage of Black Americans living the good life outside of the projects or poverty environments .. even up till this day ~ ** $$$ **

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