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Coon ass Diamond and Silk....2 Butter Buiscuts eating bitches

574 Views· 19 Jan 2018
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John Starkweather
John Starkweather 5 years ago

These two sell-outs are at it again, they must be making a damn Fortune because they're doing some straight-up hardcore coonin, I wonder if their feet ever get tired from doing all that non-Stop buck dacin that they do 24/7

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Bad Bad Puddy Cat!!!

(Lita Michelle) I thought White People didn't like Ghetto,Loud Black People,Oh I get it,they love these 2 Coon Bitches because they are licking Trump's Ass,so they are accepted,and they are speaking about Oprah shouldn't be President because she's a performer, I mean isn't that what your Massa Trump is. The Native American side of my family want these two Bitches out of this country on the first boat back to Coonville,just pack your Shit and go and take those Ugly Ass Wigs with you

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John Starkweather
John Starkweather 4 years ago

@22429681 LMAO!!.. That's the truth!

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Reef The Watcher
Reef The Watcher 5 years ago

Cooning is a mental disorder, These are sick Sisters. 2018 and Some of us still yearn for Peckerwoods acceptance.

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Kaiman 5 years ago

These characters will do anything to stay in lamestream media. Worse enough, they appear on fox noise and they don't even know those fox news-actors and their corporate bosses are laughing at them. I bet trump's laughing too, since that terrible morning noise show is his favorite show to watch.

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Chris Rob Media tv 2
Chris Rob Media tv 2 5 years ago

Right but you can't tells coons nothing....because they love white daddy sooooooo much

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