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white People Dressing Up As Black People For Fun

602 Views· 28 Sep 2018
Everybody Hates Angel

Racist Dutch Christmas Tradition Is Black Face – Santa Claus & Black Pete Sinterklaas En Zwarte Piet

The video she commented on:
“White Women Trying To Look Like Black Women – Cultural Appropriation”

A dutch white woman from Amsterdam in the Netherlands (Holland) decided to comment on one of my videos about White women trying to look like Black women and cultural appropriation… She said that “the dutch are not racist at all. In the Netherlands we celebrate a national christmas holiday called black pete where we all dress up in black face and no one is offended because this is tradition”. Riiiiggghhhhttttt.
Well dutch Black women and Black men many of them from surinam or surinamese descent are very offended by this tradition.
The perpetrator of this tradition, the one who keeps it alive works for sesame street his name is Aje boschhuizen.

Black to white transformation (race change make up)
This video is a response to some photos I was sent of a white woman literally looking like a mixed woman or Black woman. Natural hair, afros braids, big lips, dark skin, big butts, all features that we associate with Black women. This trend is getting crazy out of hand… The world is now filled with Rachel Dolezal and Kylie Jenner type white women who are trying to imitate Black woman and benefit from being a black woman.

These videos below are definitely worth watching:

“Irish white girl pretending to Black and profiting from it”

“What is cultural appropriation”

“white woman changes skin Black with melanin injections”

“Rachel Dolezal"

“Black women Wearing weave is not cultural appropriation”

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JennyJerome 3 years ago

White people are so RACIST and totally irrational in their arguments.

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Kemetgod 3 years ago

They was making fun to the moors who ruled Europe

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