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A Breakdown Of Warren Buffett’s Investment Portfolio 2021

15 Views· 01/19/22
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Wise Phenomenal
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Warren Buffet, since this video is about him and his portfolio, I think its good idea to start it off with on of his quotes. “ Its important to have people that you look up to in life that you never want to let down “, it keeps grouned. I added that last part. ( but it’s a powerful quotes, and I think everyone should give it some thought)

But seriously since Warren and Charlie Munger are always a guess on my Channel lol jk. I though this video would be a good idea, a video breakdown Warren Buffets portfolio.

But then I started doing research and it kinda felt like useless information ( let me explain). When ever you search on google or youtube, the common answers are Apple, Bank of America, and Cocola and he owns a lot of shares and gets paid a lot of money. ( that’s obvios) But that doesn’t tell you why they are good investments, how to pick those companies and why.

So I decided to break this video down in 3 parts. Part one is talking about the 10 princibles of the way warren buffets invest. Part 2, is what you should do and read to become a good investor and part 3 is looking at his portolfio ( because I do understand that it is fun ) but not just the good also the bad.

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1. Investing Principles
- What works with billions does work with thousands (1)
- Margin of Safety(2)
- Companies with a moat (3) Good will and branding
- When your wrong admit it and move on (4)
- You only need to be right a few times (5)
- Invest in what you understand and know (6)
- Price and Value are not the same (7)
- Be Patient but in a hurry (8)
- Stocks are business not pieces of papers (9)
- Trying to make a good deal with a bad person is never good idea (10)

2. Guide to Invest his way : Books and Courses
- Finance, Accounting, Time

Finance is the Skill: to Look into the future and make educated assumptions, and they don’t have to be exact.
- For example I can tell you over the never 10-20 years the s&p is probably going to make 8-12%
- Because I can look back in history and see that makes sense
- But I cant tell you what its going to do tomorrow and that’s find

Accounting: It’s the Skills to understand whats going on right now ( Present)
- Its looking a business balance sheet, Income statement and cash flow statement and saying the business is healthy or its dead
- Its being to tell that a business to 20M dollars in assets and 100m in liabilities and negative cash flow might be a problem

Time: I also use the digging for Gold example, because just because you know how to do it, doesn’t mean you’ll find it immediately )
- For example, it can take Warren an entire year to make a single investments
- Because you have to constantly be looking for good Deals

How to learn these Skills
- Warren went to College to learn accounting and finance ( and patient is something he always had, so we can say his Fat )
- But for some of you A simple textbook will do the job
- But for me it wouldn’t, I need structure, deadlines, and peers

3. Analyze his portfolio
- For context, Warren is a majority shareholder in Berkshire hatchway, which is the owner of a lot of other companies )
- Its like how Google Owns, youtube, Waze, and even Fitbit
- For the curious Warren owns around 16.45% of the companies, last time I checked on google so don’t believe these numbers and his worth almost 100billion

The Bad
- Two insurance companies ( before Geico) – found out from the wealth of wisdom
- Texttile company ( Berkshire Hathaway) the 20 year mistake
- Conveniece clothing store




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