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7 Views· 01 Jun 2021


"⁣Microsoft President – '1984 by 2024', they are conditioning the masses to accept the tyranny. That's just about the same time Schwab's of the 'Great Reset', (not a conspiracy theory!) said in a video interview people will have chips in the head or hand. But the shocking news out today is the 'UK considering compulsory experimental V for NHS staff'... this is the slippery slope. Where will it all stop? Of course Italy was the first European country to make it mandatory for health care workers. Of course the crisis is the platform to launch their fourth industrial revolution, merging people with technology – science fiction? Conspiracy theory? They don't think so. The good news is, if we are in Christ we are on the winning side, citizens of heaven and not citizens of this earth. Christ has our passport to that heavenly country and I simply cannot wait!"

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