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who u gonna believe blak people your own or the white liars

24 Views· 05 Dec 2021

⁣ who u gonna believe black people . your own or the white liar. as i've said a yr ago , the white devil will try to blame africa some way or other for this plague. but the facts they give are all lies . the worst of the disease still lies in the west and europe. all you black people in africa , since the white devil wants to restrict your travel to this hell hole , please urge your leadership to do the same. tell the white man he's not welcome also, and that you can make your own vaccine. after all this was discovered in south africa . not that it started there, but was probably brought there from europeans. donot let these wite animals sanction you with their threats so they can make you guinea pigs for a cure for them since basically this virus hasn't had the devastating effects on black africa as it has on the west. who you gonna believe black people. our news or theirs

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