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DEBUNKING The Claim That Christianity Was Plagiarized From Egyptian Mythology

6 Views· 27 Nov 2021

Facebook: @ReclaimChristianity

This video is humbly submitted to refute just a few of the fallacious arguments against the Christian faith, particularly the claim that Jesus is no more than a Europeanized version of the Egyptian god Horus and that Christianity was plagiarized from Egyptian mythology. It is also a proclamation of the glorious gospel of our Lord and an admonition to seek him while there's still time. As Christians we are told to defend our faith and give an answer about our hope in Christ, seasoned with grace. We are to love others and to live our faith before the world. I hope and pray that this video gives just a glimpse of the matchless power of the cross and that there is no other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved! Peace and God bless!

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