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lets not hear the hypocrisy anymore

25 Views· 03/03/22
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⁣ regardless of what did or didn't happen to blak people in the ukraine over the week (i'm hearing so many conflicting stories ) i want all you folks of color around the world especially black people to analyze this video very closely . and remember what newscasters from over the world said about these folks in comparisson to the devastation war brought on by nato , the u.n and the united states has done to other people and their countries who are not blond blueyed, and i guess as being undesirable neighbors you would have next door. lets not hear the hypocrisy anymore. we all aint stupid

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Above All That Drama
Above All That Drama 7 months ago

Great content Laz!!!

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mickybricks 7 months ago

100% Real Talk
i got zero fucks for Ukraine getting that Work
SALUTE @lazmor

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