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You’re Not Missing Out When You’re Living For God !

5 Views· 01 Nov 2021

Many believers, especially young people, have been discouraged when they see others looking “happy” while they feel imprisoned in Church. The enemy always tries to make God’s protection look like bondage, or holy living look boring. It worked on Eve, but it doesn’t have to work on you.

Don’t envy what they have:
- Money
- Relationships
- Social media “followers”

Don’t focus on what anyone else has, but focus on who He is. True joy is in His presence. Sin always looks appealing, but it’s pleasure is short-lived. Happiness on social media can look convincing, but it can be a facade. Don’t base your life off of what others are doing.
If this is a battle you have, I want you to read Psalm 73 🤍

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