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110K In Debt, To A Passive Trucking Business! (TBT)

7 Views· 02 May 2022
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0:00 - Introduction
1:18 - Backstory
5:10 - how did you get started in your career
7:06 - At what point did you transition from company to becoming an owner-operator
10:06 - Talk about leasing
16:41 - what are you looking for in a good dispatcher
18:07 - what type of loads are you looking for as far as rates are concerned
23:02 - got into training, kept on training, and then what happened next
28:36 -Blueprint of building a fleet
32:26 - experience with jones
43:30 - After you got the two trucks what do you do next
50:51 - for the 5 trucks what is the investment with all the investors
1:01:15 - working with Ups, are they very strict on qualifying their fleets - how does anyone get to sign on with them
1:10:10 - how important is entrepreneurship for you
1:11:46 - what do you think about the current state of the trucking industry
1:13:30 - what do you think about people who try to get into the trucking industry with no experience
1:15:34 - how has the ELD mandate impacted your business
1:16:04 - are your five investors happy now
1:17:22 - final thoughts and where to connect

In this episode, we talked to Trucker, YouTuber, And Entrepreneur about his journey to starting his passive trucking business.

Special thanks to our guest Loshawn Parks.

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