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don't fall for the foolishness again africa

10 Views· 26 Nov 2021

⁣as I said last yr. before it over , african people would be blamed for covid even though it didnt take hold. and true to the lying ass white mans way of twisting everything to make africa the fall guy . this has happened by blaming a variant of covid as having origins in botswana and south africa. isn't that remarkable seeing as though europeans and north amerikans are the runs refusing to mask up or take the shot therefore putting all at risk who comes around . But this variant skipped over all these infected people to take root in the so called poorer african nations. this is only a ploy for these white devils to put their socalled doctors , along with just a few troops , to protect them, when in essence this is only a prelude to occupation so they can make puppets and satellite countries to watch what china is doing . But can any brother or sister in africa or the world for that matter answer me this question, HOW DOES A VIRUS THAT STARTED IN CHINA , THAT WENT ACROSS THE WORLD TO WEATERN AND EUROPEAN COUNTRIES , BUT ACTUALLY MISSED THE WHOLE OF AFRICA , MUTATE INTO A MORE DEADLIER FORM IN A PLACE THE VIRUS WAS HAVING MINIMAL EFFECTS WHICH IS AFRICA. DON'T FALL FOR THE WESTERN BULLSHIT AFRICA,

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