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Natural Hair Growth Time Lapse | 2 Years Post Big Chop | Month To Month | Asia Char

4 Views· 24 Aug 2021

If you’re already subscribed to me, you may have already watched this natural hair time lapse at the end of my post big chop update videos. But, I wanted to post it by itself for inspiration to those who don’t believe that anyone can grow healthy hair. People tend to believe that black women can’t grow long hair unless they’re mixed with something. I am proof that notion is absolutely false. If you think that this video or my growth is fake, you proved my point as to why it needed to be made and why I wanted to make it.
24 months of length checks all in one growth time lapse!
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“I Want To Be Your Inspiration, Not Your Blueprint.” ~ Asia Char
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2 Years Post BC

What Products Do You Use?!?!
My Natural Hair:
My Complete Hair Type Vid - https://youtu.be/CjlOHFrzV_0
- 4b/4c Hair, “O” Curl Pattern, Tight Texture,
Low Density, Fine Hair Strands, Naturally High in Porosity
- I’ve been completely natural since 2013
- I Big chopped for the 3rd time on Nov 2nd 2017
- I did a mini chop to get rid of any remaining damaged hair on January 1st 2018
- I retain at least 4 inches a year (more if I do really good)
* Big Chop Vid- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2dse-1wksRA
* Start of journey (mini chop)- https://youtu.be/hKErisPHnmg
* My Natural Hair Journey Playlist

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