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Husband and Wife Take $7K and Turn it Into a 7-FIGURE TRUCKING BUSINESS!

9 Views· 14 Mar 2022
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0:00 - Introduction
1:40 - who you are and what you do
3:05 - Triple vision logistics - talk about that
3:50 - what triple vision logistics do
5:15 - where are you guys from
6:16 - how did you both reconnect in trucking
7:07 - what were your trucking job - Angela little
7:49 - what was Marcus doing
12:09 - Talk to me about the steps to get that business started
13:28 - what happened earlier
18:16 - talk about the strategy
27:08 - How the first truck happened
30:12 - who were you working for the 30 days
30:45 - after the 30 days what happened
31:45 - EGO!!!!!!!
32:34 - why was your truck go well than the other person trucks
35:16 - he took your trucks and what did you do
35:55 - $7K and no partners all on your own, how did you set up and how did you get started
50:22 - how many drivers you have
50:51 - tell about your business operation
51:14 - what does the generalise area look like
57:07 - what equipment types you are all driving for all the other trucks
57:17 - what do you do for power only
1:01:49 - keep the drivers in the network - The Goal
1:16:48 - KJ dispatch are these people that you train work for your dispatch company , also they start their own independent
1:17:04 - how many companies do you dispatch now
1:17:12 - how many trucks all together
1:19:34 - $7K earlier to a million dollars now so what you bringing home - Talk about profit
1:22:52 - what's your goal
1:24:16 - what about triple vision
1:27:34 - with the current climate lot of carriers are gonna start respecting drivers a little bit more?
1:31:50 - final thoughts and where to contact

Trucking is their Love language. Marcus & Angela Little both have over ten years of experience in logistics. Angela started out as a dispatcher and later move into freight brokering.
Marcus has over Ten years of OTR experience and has trained many drivers.

Together they built Triplevision Logistics up from a 7k start-up cost to a million-dollar trucking company. They have a fleet of five trucks and 5 owner-operators that lease on to them. Last year they started the KJ dispatch service which has a gross of over Six figures.

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