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Sasha Johnson: family of activist shot at party appeals after court case falls apart

9 Views· 10 Mar 2022
Black Global Village

Sasha Johnson has lost one eye and movement on one side of her body after a shooting in south London last May and is in intensive care.
The family of a Black Lives Matter activist who was shot in the head at a party has filed a new appeal after the failed trial of four men charged in the shooting.

Sasha Johnson, 28, remains in intensive care with life-changing injuries when she was shot at a party in Peckham, south London, last May.

Ms Johnson's heartbroken sister Shakira Williams said in tears: "Last May 23, we were emotionally scarred."

Sasha lost an eye in the shooting and is currently unable to move on one side of her body

"We were all shot in the head and sometimes the pain was so severe it was like we couldn't breathe."

"We demand justice for you. You have always helped so many people, regardless of age, background or race."

Ms Williams expressed disappointment at the lack of information since the shooting.

"You were there to serve the people and would do anything to help. Now is the time for people to stand up for you."

A founding member of the Initiative, Ms Johnson is a prominent figure in the Black Lives Matter movement.

Ms Johnson, who lost an eye and is currently inactive on one side of her body as a result of the shooting, has undergone multiple surgeries.

In an emotional interview, Sasha's mother, Elette Darling, said she was able to talk to her daughter in the hospital.

Shakira Williams expresses disappointment at lack of information after shooting

"I told her she'd be fine. She nodded at me and squeezed my hand."

Ms Darling added: "Don't let it happen to other people again. Don't be silent. Those who did this to Sasha must be off the street.

"We need justice for Sasha. So I'm asking everyone at the party to come out and speak up for Sasha. We need justice."

Four men have been charged with conspiring to conduct an investigation into the shooting.

But last week prosecutors confirmed they could not provide any evidence against them.

Sasha is a founding member of the Initiative Party

QC prosecutor Mark Heywood told Old Bailey on Tuesday that the prosecution could not proceed for reasons that could not be fully explained in open court.

Detective Chief Inspector Nigel Penney, who is leading the investigation, said: "Our biggest challenge is the wall of silence we face when we ask witnesses to come forward.

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