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laws rules making white devils theft legal to and for them

23 Views· 07 Dec 2021

⁣ Please excuse the harsh language: law such as africans the amerikan indians and the south amerikan peoples who he takes from and slaughter still todays legally allowing white supremacy. rules regulations used to enforce supremacy. this is the best example of this worldwide how the white devil with nothing came and took everything from all the peoples of color around the world ,. and then through his laws he made it legal to and for him. so when people decide they want their shit back they can say to the world they can go to war with these people because its legally the white mans under his laws and rules, so he doesn't have to feel guilty ( if he has those feelings ) when he wages war on more docile peoples such as africans , amerikan indians and the peoples of the islands , and south amerika, he can justify it in his mind and to those of his people that may have an ounce of decency or fair play, if there are any. This is how he has kept the black man down in africa , and when we start to accomplish in amerika , theres a new white mans law that makes it illegal or wrong whereby the savage takes all the wealth and claims it. the biggest example is drugs. black people along with asians ,south amerikans , africans realized the white mans addiction to drugs and started making millions if not billions selling these drugs , and what did the white demon do ? he made laws to lock these peoples up , but better yet he made rules where he could keep their assets. and when he had destroyed many a would be black or asian billion or millianaire ,by incarceration or death, he legalized it and gave all the liscense to white people to sell legally. this is what the devil has done to africa . now he tells black people their our religious artifacts don't belong to us but to him because he killed and stole us for it, and once again such as this case with ethiopia, the white man made his laws to keep their history. what black people are going to have to do is wage a bloody war on the white beast and take back whats ours

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Above All That Drama
Above All That Drama 8 months ago

#Shared And this is why the sun hates them.

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