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Stop Disrespecting Black Women

200 Views· 09 Sep 2018
Everybody Hates Angel

"Black women seem to be the butt of many "jokes" made by Black men that fuels the stereotyping. They are deemed crazy, expensive, ratchet, among others. This is one of the reasons many women don't want to accept that they are Black, claiming to be "Just Latino" or "Mixed with everything" except Black. The self hatred of Black men is expressed by putting down their women in order to feel more empowered and probably distracted from their own oppression by White America. Ultimately, this problem comes from colorism and Eurocentrism which was created by White supremacy. However, Black men need to be aware of this and not fall victim to this form of self hatred. This is the typical case of the oppressed becoming the oppressors, like the Rwandan genocide. A person being bullied into bullying someone else. White supremacy has Black men putting down their women, Black Latinos fighting American Blacks, Black men putting down Black gays, and other conflicts between people of color." - Jeffrey Almonte
If we do not stop this hate dead in its tracks, we are letting White supremacy do its job as Paul Harvey said(If I Were The Devil- 1965)

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Dumplings85 3 years ago

I pray black men will recognize their own genius thus returning to his rightful place so we can be right there besides you

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myrbl30Akan 3 years ago

Power to the BLACK WOMAN!!! There is no other female greater than the black woman. Ase O!

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