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Where I've Been?? American Black Aborigines Identity Crisis

917 Views· 22 Dec 2017
Kimberly Purpoz

Hi peep?? In this video i share news of why I had to take a break from YouTube. My son Justin has recently passed away. I did set you a Youtube channel in memory of my son. Now i am having to reevaluate life. I have a new​ found interest in understanding self identity within the black community. I feel that is what is missing and so needed. We need to know who we are and where we came from in order to build a brighter future. I am not African American. I am indigenous to this land. I am a black Aboriginee indian with Cherokee and Creek running through my veins. It time is to wake up and seek the real truth. Till next time Peace✌- Kimberly Purpoz❤.

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