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BENEFITS OF BROCCOLI - 10 Reasons To Eat Broccoli Every Day!

4 Views· 11/13/21
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Wise Phenomenal
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It's time to talk about the benefits of broccoli and why you should start eating broccoli. In this video, we will show you the 10 reasons why you should eat broccoli every day.

Intro: 0:00
Contains Strong Antioxidants: 0:42
Protect against cancer: 1:47
It makes the heart healthier and happier: 2:57
Keeps the bone healthy: 3:48
It makes the brain healthy: 5:12
Improves immune function: 5:54
Slows down the aging process: 6:34
Maintains dental health: 7:08
Supports a healthy pregnancy: 8:11
Fights inflammation: 8:48

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