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Willie D To Sue Youtube & Google for shutting his channel DOWN

405 Views· 08/01/18
Black Global Village
Black Global Village
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Willie D Press Conference with Attorney Vonnie Don against Youtube & Google shutting his channel DOWN also activist deric muhammad joins him in the press conference

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TXroseRN 4 years ago

I wouldn’t be surprised if Trump was behind this. Look at how many ppl he has shut down bc of under the table orders. He knows how to mafia style his way around....he’s always been a well known big money guy with connections. It’s major sensoring going on at youtube. Your search is also manipulated to produce mostly what youtube wants you to find the most. All the best to Willie D!

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Andre Toppin
Andre Toppin 4 years ago

Damn, my main man Willie got shut down too?! Goddamn. cave demons still crying over spilled milk and Willie gave em too much heat now they wanna shut him down 4 speaking his mind, no surprise. This is wrong. Hopefully our King comes through and wins his case. We need brothers like him terrifying those crakkkas

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He just recently got his channel reinstated...probably because they wanted to avoid paying punitive damages.

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adueberry1 4 years ago

They hate it when you hold the mirror and they have to look at all the DIRT on there faces.

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Fedora 4 years ago

· _ ·

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Niyas713 4 years ago

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Information Man Show

this is Wrong

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