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Interviewing the Creator of DRIP Network | DRIP Token Headed Towards $5,000+

11 Views· 04/26/22
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In this video I was able to Question and speak with the creator and developer of DRIP Network, Forex_Shark. We did a AMA with the creator of DRIP and asked him a bunch of questions that include:Do You Need a Big Team to Make Money with DRIP?What will the price of DRIP be in the near future?What is the DRIP Manor Farm?Telegram: https://t.me/DRIPtoken_ChatTwitter: https://twitter.com/DRIPcommunity

Timestamps: - How did you come up with this project idea/tokenomics and referral system 4:08- Can you Be successful without building a big team 10:06- Why wouldn’t this be considered a pyramid scheme? 21:04 - Are there any other revenue generating activities you guys doing other than relying on taxes from transactions/How can can you sustain the rate of return on our investments? 28:15- Where would you like to see DRIP in 3 years 33:45- What do you think the price of drip will be in the future 37:11- What’s 1 major upcoming improvement you’re most excited about with DRIP 40:25- How will manor farm effect the price of drip 48:55- Will the 100,000k drip max payout always be a thing? 1:08:48- Is there plans to make it easier to send our airdrops all in 1 transaction? 1:09:43- Are there plans to allow a option to automate the compounding feature in the future? 1:14:10- What is the current market cap 1:18:11- How to Get Early Access to The Manor Farm 1:22:12🔥 See all my current Crypto Holdings and my Watchlist as well be notified when I buy or take profit on coins: https://www.patreon.com/jooviersgems🤑 Start earning Passive Income on your Crypto and get $40 in BTC with your first transfer of $400 or more! https://celsiusnetwork.app.link/108542b528💰 Sign Up and deposit $100 to get 2 FREE Stock Valued at up to $1,400: https://act.webull.com/k/F4LpA3cxre85/main💵 Get Started with Crypto on Coinbase and Get $10 of Bitcoin when you deposit $100: https://www.coinbase.com/join/stewar_4uaThanks for watching make sure to Like and Subscribe!My Durag Brand https://joorag.com/Cop some Clothing https://joovier.com/@Joorags on InstagramInstagram - Joovier_Snapchat - JosiahGSBusiness Inquiries: josiahgstewart15@gmail.comI am NOT a CPA, Broker or any legal financial advisor. All the information I share is just my personal advice and for entertainment purposes.I don't own any of the songs in this video.#Joovier #DripNetwork #Crypto

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