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The Faux Outrage From Fox Soul, Buck Broken Males, and The Entertainment Industry Is Nauseating!

19 Views· 02 Aug 2021
Reef The Watcher

These Caponized Kneegrows such as Funky Dineva and Hollywood Pervs take Umbrage with our Brotha DaBaby and No Smoke for Ed Buck or Jeffrey Epstein. The Mendacity and Anti-Black Sentiment is Sickening.

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Derrick Smith
Derrick Smith 1 year ago

Why the China men in Russia men and other countries men built the new future most black men wearing wig and dresses. What’s a fuck joke

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Krakkkakiller 1 year ago

So basically no one is allowed to have an opinion about Homosexuality? Or disagree with it? You either agree or keep Quiet? This DEGENERATE Lifestyle CHOICE is Now a ‘PROTECTED’ Species and Off Limits? WTF?

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