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IS The Bible Really Black History

977 Views· 20 Oct 2017
Black Junction TV
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TigerPaw1 4 years ago

The answer......YES!

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TXroseRN 4 years ago

I have a journal I bought to do research on what this guy is saying. Here are my findings: The KJV is not written by white men. The actual words in it has very little to nothing to do with King James’s personal opinion. Why would he allow homosexuality to be spoken out against if he was gay and had that kind of controlled over the Bible’s contents. The Bible May be missing books but it is a very accurate account of world history and this absolutely includes Black history. It’s also accurate with prophecies of world events. The Bible is a spiritual oasis of truth in this spiritual desert called planner earth and it has restored me in ways only the world can counterfeit.

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zbyrd2354 1 year ago

King James was not gay! It was some other family member, an inlaw! I saw this from a film. Will drop the name of it.

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