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A doctor’s memoir shows race matters in the hospital room (RIP Gwen Ifill)

406 Views· 10 Jan 2018

In medical school, Dr. Damon Tweedy says he learned about health problems being more common in the black community, but he didn’t hear the reasons why. In “Black Man in a White Coat,” Tweedy examines racial disparities in medicine, for both patients and medical professionals.

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Kim Jones
Kim Jones 4 years ago

Hint also family. While i was pregnant, i always went to school to further the education, obtain a new skill for back up to pay for extra child in the world. As i studied medical 4 years lab, I have two daughters that were born at that time.One is a MLT Supervisor, the other a Cancer cell doctor. One can run DNA and blood typing, the other finds beginning cancer cells. Amazing, but I also noticed that I had a daughter that was born during my ECPI programming days, and Business Personnel Management is a stickler for technology and robotics, and very good with the books/economics of a household/Accountant? Two sons, 1st one when I began at ECPI and Business is now defense ITT security. Just saying if you want your children to be smarter and get the groove of thinking from the beginning, what you absorb in your mind/pictures goes through that child. The certain regions of the brain usage for intelligence, is stimulated and the child's IQ seems to be increased. Try it, even if you never finished school. Read to the child to pull it out of poverty. How it got here, isn't as important as how it survives and thrives in the world. Just read anything of interest, and watch your fruit bloom.

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TheLadyOfSoul502 4 years ago

Sister, thank you so much for the info!

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