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Boots on the Ground for Othal Ozone Wallace

18 Views· 05 Jul 2021
Above All That Drama


Full video: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ePG7AOuQgZk&feature=youtu.be


June 1st 2021 , The NBPP retained an attorney to go and see about comrade Ozone due to his being illegally kidnapped (arrested) by the police in Atlanta, GA. After the attorney spoke with our brotha he relayed to us that he'd been being held in cruel and inhumane conditions in the Dekalb County Jail. Later that night the NBPP freedom fighters who were on the ground came under fire as the police transferred our brotha from GA to FL. The NBPP has opened a People's Investigation to the faulty accusations made against Our Comrade Ozone ( Othal Wallace) and in this video you will see RAW REAL footage of the events that have transpired and witness testimonies from the scene of the alleged crime. OZONE IS INNOCENT ! We have the proof!



Please help support our brotha Othal Wallace, aka Ozone fight this legal battle that ultimately affects us all as Black, and Brown people, whether you grasp the totality of this case, or not. The Daytona Beach Police Department, race soldier was operating outside of the law when he approached, and detained Othal, without Probable Cause, or Reasonable Articulate Suspicion of a crime. How do I know law? I exercise all my rights, including the 2nd Amendment on a regular basis as me, and many other brothas, and sistas do patrolling our neighborhoods in a effort to keep our community safe from both police, and criminal aggression. There’s a lot of talk about “defund the police”, and “community policing”, well that is something we encourage, and participate in, and Ozone is at the forefront in the movement to take back our communities. The Police, and media have began a smear campaign to paint the narrative that our brotha Othal is an extremist, with malice against police, rather than a man who will defend himself, and his people in the face of “PIGS” that wish to continue the division amongst law enforcement, and communities of color. Are all police officers pigs? Of course not, and it’s clear that the Black Nation does not view all police officers as such, but apparently those within the ranks have no intention to differentiate themselves from the problems within their profession, which by default gives them the title they claim they don’t deserve. Let’s see Jason Raynor’s social media, and the things he posts since we are in the business of character assassination. The brotha Othal has a heart of gold that he has given to The Most High, not the devil. You seen the brotha being harassed while wearing bright yellow fringes, as he has given his life to The Most High, but the police want to claim he somehow premeditated the circumstances leading up to the violations of his civil rights. He’s not radical, or any type of extremist, he is a Black man living in a society built upon extreme acts of violence perpetrated against Black people by the very system wishing to vilify a man who was being violated as many have in the past, ending in deadly results carried out by state actors who seek to destroy anyone who looks like Othal, as seen time, and time again. We don’t know exactly what happened June 23rd, 2021, but what we do know is that the moment “officer” Raynor placed his vehicle in front of Othal’s vehicle, and then proceeded to shine his flashlight into the eyes of Othal as he approached with questions Mr. Wallace was under no legal obligation to answer, and in a consensual contact should have been able to walk away, to which he was not allowed, officer Raynor was violating Mr. Wallace’s 4th Amendment rights, to be free from illegal search, and seizure of his property, and person. The officer went as far as placing his hands on Othal, demanding he sit, which he had no legal authority to do. We can not allow these rogue police officers to carry out their personal vendettas, and prejudices against our people any longer. Othal will not receive a fair trial with a public defense, as they are on the side of the state, who cuts their paychecks. He needs a defense attorney competent in Constitutional law, and able to dissect the events leading up to the crime he has been charged with. I have donated, and will continue to do so each month until trial. Please donate what you can, no matter the amount, whether you put your name on it, or donate anonymous, our brotha needs all the help he can get

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