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Rules Of A Relationship - Should Women Go 50/50 While Dating? | Listen To Black Women

6 Views· 22 Apr 2022
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On this episode of Listen to Black Women, the ladies are discussing how money affects the dynamics in a relationship. How much power does of one give up if her man is the sole-provider? What obstacles arise in a relationship when the woman is the breadwinner? What's so bad about going 50/50?

Want more? Read the full article on MadameNoire here: https://madamenoire.com/131198....7/listen-to-black-wo

Meet The "Listen To Black Women" Hosts:
Shamika Sanders https://www.instagram.com/shamika_sanders
Jessie Woo https://www.instagram.com/thejessiewoo
Chris Miss https://www.instagram.com/chrismiss_
Taryn Finley https://www.instagram.com/_tarynitup

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