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Bill Cosby Re-Trial Day 2: Tom Mesereau Delivers Powerful Opening Statement

220 Views· 11 Apr 2018
Nicole's View

‘She was madly in love with his fame and money’: Bill Cosby’s lawyer paints him as the victim of his sexual assault accuser:


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TROLL KING 4 years ago

Boo the judge and prosecutors always together. Plus your lawyer and police are all together. THEY all in the same circle.

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4 years ago

With this white male juror saying this, the female juror reporter reporting it and the judge ignoring if he is found guilty, I pray not, he has an automatic case for appeal. I pray that he gets off. The reason is because the lady making the complaint was being coached by the lady who won so much money from Me. Cosby. I want to see him win.

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Bad Bad Puddy Cat!!!

(Lita Michelle) Kudos to Tom Mesereau!!!! Standing Ovation!!!

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b_uko65 4 years ago

Here some information your subscribers should have about the Bill Cosby Case.

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