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Dayton Police Investigate After Body-cam Shows Disabled Man Pulled From Car By Officers

14 Views· 08 Oct 2021
Shala Yisrael

🗒PBM Report: Body camera footage shows the interaction between Dayton police officers and a paraplegic man who would not exit his vehicle during a traffic stop and was yanked from the car and onto the road.

Clifford Owensby, the man pulled from his vehicle during a traffic stop Thursday, told the Dayton Daily News Monday afternoon that he felt helpless as officers put him on the ground, handcuffed him and then placed him into the back of a cruiser.

Owensby, who said he does not have use of his legs, said he was injured during the incident, having sustained scrapes from the pavement and is still in pain. He also said that a previous back injury was reinjured.

The 11-minute police body camera footage obtained from the Dayton Police Department shows two officers interacting with Owensby as they obtain his license and information. The video shows one officer test the tint on the glass of the vehicle and then sees a child in the backseat of the vehicle and not in a car seat. The officer then goes back to the cruiser.

The video then shows an officer return to Owensby and asks him to step out of the vehicle. Owensby tells the officer he can’t. “I’m paraplegic,” Owensby says, “I got help getting in.” “Well, I’ll help you get out,” the officer replies. “Well, I don’t think that’s going to happen, sir,” Owensby says.

The officer tells Owensby that due to his history, which includes drug charges, they are going to get a K-9 to do a free air smell around the vehicle and Owensby must exit the car. The officer again tells Owensby that he is going to assist him out of the vehicle and Owensby again tells the officer that he isn’t. He says that there will be a lawsuit if the officer puts his hands on him. Owensby then calls a family member to come to the scene and to bring people with cameras. The officer and Owensby continue to argue about him leaving the vehicle and Owensby requests that the officer call a superior to the scene.

The statement from the department says that the incident was part of a drug investigation and traffic stop. Owensby told the Dayton Daily News there were no drugs or firearms in the vehicle. Dayton police said $22,450 was recovered from the vehicle that a narcotic canine alerted on.

“There is a current and active investigation concerning the money,” Dayton police told the Dayton Daily News. A police report from the incident cites misdemeanor obstructing official business and misdemeanor resisting arrest in the crime status information. He has not been charged with either count. He was cited in Dayton Municipal Court with traffic citations child restraint or seat belt and tinted glass.

Owensby said that he hopes the incident results in change. “I’m hoping for some kind of disciplinary action and furthermore, I wish that this doesn’t happen to no one else. This is unacceptable. We’re supposed to have officers out here to serve and protect and when we lose faith in them doing that, who do we turn to?”

Source: Parker, P., (2021, October). Dayton police investigate after video shows disabled man pulled from car by officers. Dayton Daily News.

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sly35965 8 months ago

"Greetings, I Could Be Mistaken, But Paraplegic Drivers Operate Special Custom Made vehicles. The Gas/Brakes Paddles Are Housed On The Steering Wheel. From My Observation, I'd Not Seen The Apparatus On The Steering Wheel. Nevertheless, These Authorized Punks Handle The Traffic Stop Unprofessionally Share...No Thanks!"(heartless)

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TheMessiahsOurSavior 8 months ago

The man clearly can't even move and they still screaming for him to get out the car and dragging him by his dreads, then charging him with resisting arrest. Unreal. This shows how fraudulent and zombified these ppl are when making arrests against certain ppl - they get triggered. As usual the black person was the ring leader when it came time to attack another black.

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