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If What You Hear In This Video Is True, We Are Facing Unprecedented Changes Real Soon -

16 Views· 06 Jul 2022

I don't know Pastor Gates, but, considering all that is going on, & the rapidity with which all agendas are moving, I wouldn't dismiss what he is saying.


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Derrick Smith
Derrick Smith 1 month ago

Damn their really wanting to killed half of world out of people of color

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LionnessontheRise Lioness144

Derrick Smith, that's right, that's why it is important you get into YAHUSHUA\JESUS right away, and repent of all sins, you are not preprared for this spiritually HE will give you the strength you need, And please STOCK UP on FOOD AND WATER as soon as possible!!!! I have been warning !!! That's what I use my channel for only!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please learn and start to pray, pray before you leave the house and before you sleep at night, plead the BLOOD OF JESUS over Yourself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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