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lets just have this revolution

16 Views· 03/21/22
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⁣this story is a month older, but so much happens its easy to miss things
but black people lets just face it . these bastards are now messing with black people who defend themselves from criminals. i admire this black woman for not giving them her firearm . these white devils want to disarm us even when we are legal. because just as this sister has shown , we unlike the street thugs and negroes they want us all to be , there are well to do black folk who will if they have to and willingly do what is necessary to protect their families and properties. and just as she did the right thing she did not hand over her protection to these white mfs because they said so . And then these savages got upset and turned her into the criminal. this is what these devils donot like . black people who are not afraid of them nor are their negro slaves catering to a white devil's whim because he has a badge and a gun as they do with street niggas whom they can bluff and scare. so lets just have this revolution. let's do it black people. this is what they are pushing for. and black people please uit calling these mfs handle it ourselves. let them do what they do best clean up the aftermath

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Derrick Smith
Derrick Smith 6 months ago

That’ll be a white woman she be a hero

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Above All That Drama
Above All That Drama 6 months ago

This is going to blow up in AmeriKKKa's face. We are tired of this BS double standards. We cant protect ourselves or our families. How TF did they get a warrant like that?

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