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Young Woman Tells her Truth about Corruption Behind Bars ?

Above All That Drama

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Puzzle The Revolutionary

1 of 2.3 million incarcerated in USA, 2004, Puzzle was a college student with no priors, yet punitively sentenced to 17 yrs (12 in prison; 5 on parole) for a violent crime where no violence occurred. Convicted Criminally Liable for the Person who Got Away, Rather than Snitch, Puzzle appealed her case 9 times Prose, while filing over 700 grievances as a Clerk, Challenging the many Rape & Harassments Complaints in Prison.

February 2015, Puzzle Released from Taconic C.F. after Serving 11 Unjust Years in Prison. She was released "Homeless", facing five years on Parole in Greenhope Services for Women, a Shelter for Substance Users, although Puzzle had NO Dirty Urines in 11 yrs in Jail or Prison, NO Dirty Urines or Violations During 5 Years of Parole, Puzzle is Still Black in America. Where Young, Black equals Criminal, in the Minds of Many. Constantly having to FIGHT the Stigmas is an everyday hustle.

Puzzle Happy to be Home, use Rap Music to escape the Invisible Disability Formally Incarcerated PPl face Upon Release. Studio Therapy.

uzzle the Revolutionary Youtube:

Puzzle Videos:
Puzzle Educates Government Officials on "Nature of Mental Health for Women in Prison" (2018)

Puzzle Responds 2 Domestic Terrorists

Puzzle 'Klan Bangers' ft. Sapphire Rize

Puzzle "Let it be Known" (Official Music Video)

Puzzle "Errybody" [Freestyle]

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