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NY Drug War - UPDATE - Alpo Threw Drugs And Baggies Out Window!

7 Views· 02 Nov 2021
Above All That Drama

According to the new York times, Details of Alberto “Alpo” Martinez’s frantic final moments are coming into focus — as the investigation continues into brive by shooting death of Alpo, fromer Harlem drug kingpin, A pioneer to what we see today as, bike life. Here is the update, The notorious drug dealer, who was shot five times and killed early Sunday in Harlem, was throwing baggies of drugs out of his truck’s window as he tried to drive away from the scene, a police source said Monday. About a dozen of the baggies were found on the street spaced a few feet apart near West 147th Street and Frederick Douglass Boulevard after Martinez was shot in his 2017 Dodge Ram. The source said it looks like he was “throwing them out the window” because he knew police would be arriving. Hold on real quick, who the heck is the source? Neway, moving along. Alpo, who had been in a federal witnesses protection program, apparently wanted to evade capture, the source said. A video of the crime scene watched by a reporter depicts baggies that contain a brown substance strewn on the street. The drug appeared to be heroin, the source said. He was rushed to Harlem Hospital following the shooting but couldn’t be saved. It wasn’t clear if Martinez had been released from witness protection or if he was just visiting his old stomping grounds when he was killed, the source said. He was in possession of identification with the name Abraham Rodriguez of Lewiston, Maine, when police arrived on the scene, according to cops. It isn’t clear if Martinez had left witness protection or not prior to visiting his old stomping grounds. He confessed to 14 murders before flipping and becoming a government witness. So that’s it for now. Things are becoming weird now. If he did have access to drugs, who made it accessible. Who would deal with him? It’s understandable that he had people that loved him as well as those who hated him, but who in their right mind would deal with someone who the government is watching. even if alpo was trying to do side business, That’s just too risky to chance that with someone of Alpo’s character. This is a developing story. Since the death of rich porter, people said it was a dark cloud over harlem. Some narcotic traffickers who were prominent at the time, closed up shop due to that, feeling that the drug game was becoming too violent and wasn’t worth death. Either way, kind of weird he would be selling anything. Not trying to stir the pot, but, Do we smell conspiracy, some sort of cover up. Let us know in the comments below.

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