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Clearphone unboxing. Completely Decentralized and Encrypted!!

2 Views· 06 Jul 2022

Decentralised and fully private!! Check out my unboxing of the new 420 Clearphone.


Clear United Phones that keep you safe, private and secure – IMAGINE a PHONE : ** That cannot be hacked ** Is Always 100% virus-free ** Is FULLY ENCRYPTED ** Can ONLY ACCESSED BY YOU ** Can Control Viewable Content on any device and Restrict anything unwanted at the Device level – so there’s no work arounds** Has No info sharing or behavior profiling ** Has No Ads, no trackers, no cookies, no backdoors, no phishing scams ** Has No one listening in to your life or spying on you through your phones microphone or camera** Ensures No government or company has the ability to spy on or access ANY phone activities or data ** Has the option of 2 separate numbers on the same phone ** Has a 600% crisper camera ** Uses 4G technology... BUT it is 3× faster than 5G without the 5G dangers** Is Connected to a Phone Company that gives 20% of its income to Charities** Gives 40% of its income to its Customers, enabling people to have a Cash Positive Phone PlanMission in Action ClearID on the ClearPHONE builds your Identity from a private key. That means that for the first time you know, with confidence, that you actually own and control your data. No more logins to Apple or Google. Also because your Information, Pics everything etc is stored in an untraceable way through Blockchain technology instead of the Cloud – no one has any access to it except you and if you lose your phone, your private login in gives you back instant access to everything that was on it. Your Data can’t be hacked or lost.You are the Login, not them. You're in control now. ** A worldwide technology shift ** Do you have Privacy? ** Is your Data Secure? ** Are you free of Malware and Spyware? WELL... NOW YOU CAN BE!!!! 1. Meet the CEO of ClearUnited Michael Proper and discover the New ClearPhone (2:52)�https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7XsooSZxUkY&feature=youtu.be 2. Here’s a 30 min Webinar – with a full explanation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uJXjoXA34pY 3. PayPlan https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DhNlXj8H_Iw (6:05)4.Here’s the Website: https://www.clearunited.com5. Here’s FAQ PDF - https://www.theclearrevolution.com/faq You can create an Account and start earning for Free. But to get paid out you do eventually have to buy a phone, because the phone hosts your wallet where you receive all commissions instantly. You will be able to purchase a phone through earnings. But the main value of this for individuals is in having the Phone – so, like me, once you “get this”, you’ll want it right away.The CEO Michael Proper is phenomenal, they’ve been working on this for over a decade and it’s just about to launch. They’ve set this company up so that 40% of revenue goes to Affiliates, 40% into Production and 20% into Charitable Projects all over the world. The CEO, Michael Proper is taking nothing – for him, this is about putting power back into the hands of the people… we have a people’s revolution on our hands!Here’s the Steps to Get Set Up:1: Click here on my Affiliate Link that let’s you Sign up as an Affiliate for free and earn commissions: https://clearunited.com/r/zoec(check out the Pay PlanVideo to see the Wild Fire Power of this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DhNlXj8H_Iw) (6:05)2: Do the Usual, create an Account. You will need to verify your Account, so check your emails for email verification and then you’ll need to verify your phone number too.3: Once you’ve done that click on Dashboard, it will come up with a 2nd Verification process to verify your mobile number. If for some reason you don’t receive a text, just let the timer run out and request an instant automated voice call and verify your number that way.4:Then you will enter your Dashboard. You will see a notice about a Subscription being due. That is optional and just ignore it for now. Look below the Dashboard for the title “Circles” click on that.5: You’ll see a title saying Hello, (Your Name). There are two links there. One says “Store” one says “Opportunity”. These are your Affiliate Links, just click edit, because initially they are randomly generated, just edit it to your name.6: That’s it. You’re now ready to start building a team. You can send people this info here if you want. Copy and paste this but put your link in, use the “Opportunity” Link. Don’t leave my Affiliate link in here if you are going to copy and paste this to a friend. Then when you are ready to get the most epic tech upgrade of your life, buy one of their phones, then activate your wallet and you can receive commissions immediately.7. Then finally, what you’ve always wanted: Give whatever hand signals you feel are appropriate to big tech and anyone else who was helping themselves to all your data previously.Store link: https://www.clear.store/pages/r/zoec Opportunity link: https://clearunited.com/r/zoec

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